French and Vietnamese History

Why the Modern Cuisine in Vietnam is Influenced by the French

Mai Bistro is a modern twist on traditional Vietnamese street food, which is heavily influenced by the colonization and presence of the French within Vietnam. We invite you to read below about just how the French influenced modern cuisine and what they left behind.


Vietnam and the French

Hundreds of Years of History

To understand modern Vietnamese food you must understand the history of Vietnam and the influence of French colonization within the country. In 1886 the French formed the Indochinese Union between Vietnam and Cambodia, however the French first arrived in Vietnam as early as the 17th century. Before leaving Vietnam in 1954, the French influence was and still is felt heavily through Vietnam, none more so than in the cuisine of modern Vietnam.


New Foods Come to Vietnam

The French Bring Exotic Flavors to Vietnam

Through their colonization of Vietnam, the French introduced such items as potatoes, asparagus, onions, the French baguette, and coffee. Through modern Vietnamese soups, desserts, and snacks you can find the French influence floating inside popular dishes like pho—pronounced fuh— the bánh mì, a Vietnamese sub on a French baguette, as well as coffee flavored flan.

Although the French have long been out of Vietnam, it is without a doubt their influence still looms large. Some of the most popular Vietnamese dishes around the world come from a mix of Vietnamese and French flavors and styles, a unique blend of the early French influences and the long Vietnamese history that preceded them.


Try The Fusion at Mai Bistro

A New Experience in Downtown Orlando

With the many flavors and smells of modern Vietnamese food, we are positive you can find something you like, from a sub and rice platters to sweet sticky rice and boba tea. Indulge your senses and experience the all new twist on Vietnamese favorites. Visit Mai Bistro today at 1803 E Colonial Dr Ste A, Orlando, FL. 32803 or follow us on your favorite accounts @maibistrousa.

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